Quantum sound harmonization – Sonic accupuncture – Intensive Tuning fork course 27. – 28. of November 2021, Málaga province


Quantum sound harmonization – Sonic accupuncture – Intensive Tuning fork course 27. – 28. of November 2021, Málaga province

The price includes two days of intensive training, 49 pages pdf manual, three therapeutic sound tracks, three professional tuning forks:

Full price: 250 €



To assure your spot it is indispensable to pay 100€ by  the 13th of November.

(The tuning forks are made in Germany and we need some time to get them to Spain.)

The rest (150€) you will pay at the end of the course

Vibrating greetings, Ruly





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Quantum Sound Harmonization – Sonic accupuncture

Learn to apply natural frequencies with tuning forks

A two day intensive course of sound immersion in the magic surrounding of Málaga.

27.-28. November, 2021


What it´s about:

  • Two full days of intensive training
  • Learn how to properly handle and apply the tuning forks on the body
  • Syncronize and tune in to the natural cycles of planet Earth and your body
  • Get to know the three fundamental frequencies of the Earth
  • Explore these three archetypal energies in depth
  • Integrate three pathways of balancing your energy to regenerate health and wellbeing through sound

What it includes:

  • Three professional tuning forks made in Germany
  • Exclusive accompaniment music, in tune with your tuning forks and the corresponding archetypes
  • Theoretical – practical manual . 49 pages .pdf packed with all the information you need to go deep
  • Integrative and intuitive learning process


Discover the possibilities of this wonderful, deep and very effective therapeutic support tool, the tuning forks


The scedule of the course is composed of four parts

The first 1/4 part is dedicated to theory . We begin by explaining the terminology and the meaning of concepts such as resonance, periodic phenomena, frequency, octave, harmony, etc. We explore the law of the octave and the acoustic potentials of our solar system, starting from the physical laws that govern our human reality to understand the scientific foundations of quantum sound harmonization.

The remaining 3/4 parts are dedicated to the sound exploration of the three frequencies with which we work in the course. We will learn the correct handling and use of the tuning forks. We learn to localize the master points for the application of the tuning forks on the body and we´ll apply work schemes according to different conditions. We will perform meditations and visualizations to establish an intimate relationship with each of the frequencies and their archetypal energies . We are going to dive into the depths of our being with the help of the vibrations of the tuning forks.

During the two days of the course we experience a refinement of our perceptual faculties and we become familiar with the characteristics of the three frequencies, experimenting their effects on ourselves and on others, we will receive and apply the tuning forks to be able to locate and recognize their effects on the human organism .

My part is not only to share my knowledge with you, but to be present and accompany the processes that may be triggered by working in depth. The energy of the group also generates an energy field that contains and sustains all the internal movement of each one of us who participate.




+34 640189933 Ruly Yasin Wienand




Armonización Sonora Cuántica

Armonización Sonora Cuántica

Curso de Armonización Sonora Cuántica


Armonización Sonora Cuántica

Armonización Sonora Cuántica  Armonización Sonora Cuántica


Armonización Sonora Cuántica

Armonización Sonora Cuántica


About me:

  • Born in Austria in 1979
  • Blacksmith aprenticeship in Kitzbühel, Austria,
  • Experimental arts at the University of Arts inLinz, Austria
  • Six months of intensive training in deep meditation and contemplation, Kashmir, India
  • Advanced training in the design and building of musical instruments, Mexico City, Mexico


  • Thirty years of musical experience  as composer, performer, interpreter on the Drums, World Percussion, Didgeridoo, Shakuhachi Flute, Bawu FLute, La Janda Flute, and sound programming
  • Fifteen years of experience in musictherapy and sound healing
  • Development of specific sonic accupuncture treatments for people with severe spaticity and other brain damage related physical disapilities


  • Teambuilding, Coaching and group dynamics with the central theme of self knowledge, perecption of the own reality in relation to the inmediate surrounding and the recognition of the nature of my relationships to my own self and to others.


  • Development and construction of musical instruments intended for theurapeutical and meditational use




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