TUNING FORK Intensive course December Estepona


Two days of deep sound immersion.
Experience profound learning and gain practical knowledge.

This course is designed to give you a full experience of the tuning forks and their powerful
capability of transforming, balancing and activation of processes towards healing.
Anyone interested can take this course, but it can be of special interest for people working in
health and well-being areas, such as
Physiotherapy, Neurorehabilitation, Addiction related rehab, Chiropractics,
Performance therapy and other Massage techniques, Geriatrics, Cancer and other
long term pain related illnesses, Yoga, Pilates, etc.
The tuning forks, and especially this three frequencies we will work with, can be applied as a
magnificent complementary tool to enhance the well being and balanced functioning of the body,
mind and soul.

Treatments can vary from a broken bone, a sore spine, or insomnia,
to neurological disorders, physical and mental disabilities, terminal diseases,
or as well just as a perfect tool to induce deep states of relaxation,
help with sexual dysfunctions and ease menstrual related pain etc.
Although there are specific treatment schemes for certain ailments described in detail in the
handbook, the main focus during the course will be on the exploration, experience and
recognition of the archetypical consistence of each one of the three frequencies we´ll work with.
We will learn how to apply each tuning fork on it´s corresponding master points as well as
learning to locate and recognize their basic characteristics and fields of action.
Thus gaining and integrating sufficient knowledge of each one of the three frequencies
to be able to apply them in a wholesome and coherent manner in all kinds of different
healthcare and well being related fields.

The course is composed as follows:

Saturday, Dec. 3, 10:00 – 14:00
• The physics of sound
• The law of the octave
• Sound frequencies of natural occurring periodic phenomena
• The three fundamental frequencies of the Earth 🌎
and their correspondence with the human organism
• Correct handling and application of the Tuning Forks.

Saturday, Dec. 3, 16:00 – 20:00
• The frequency of Earth’s orbit
• 136.10 Hz
• Guided meditation
• Awareness training
• Synchronisation
• Tuning the body
• Master and auxiliary points
• Applying and receiving the 136.10 Hz Tuning Fork
on the corresponding master points

Sunday, Dec. 4, 10:00 – 14:00
• The frequency of Earth’s rotation
• 194.18 Hz
• Guided meditation
• Awareness training
• Synchronisation
• Tuning the body
• Master and auxiliary points
• Applying and receiving the 194.18 Hz Tuning Fork
on the corresponding master points

Sunday, Dec. 5, 16:00 – 20:00
• The frequency of the Earth axe precession
• 172.06 Hz
• Guided meditation
• Awareness training
• Synchronisation
• Tuning the body
• Master and auxiliary points
• Applying and receiving the 172.06 Hz Tuning Fork
on the corresponding master points

• More than 40 pages of theoretical material and application guidelines,
printed and in pdf
Three professional Tuning Forks in the frequencies of
136.10 Hz, 194.18 Hz, and 172.06 Hz. Valued at over 120€
Three exclusive therapeutic sound journey compositions of
45 minutes each. Not available outside the course.
Two full days of intensive learning and practice
Official diploma from Sound Competence Center Spain

• You don’t need any previous knowledge of music, sound therapy or tuning forks to be able
to manage this course.
• The applications for the tuning forks is very wide.
• They can be used as a personal or a professional tool that helps to improve specific issues
and the overall well being.
Examples of what issues can be treated with the tuning forks:
• Insomnia
• Fear, Paranoia
• Anxiety
• Chronic pain
• Minor and major injuries such as bruises, sprains, broken bones, etc.
• Sexual dysfunctions such as impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, etc.
• Menstrual issues such as irregular or painful menstruation
• Emotional processes, such as loss, grief, separation, sadness,…
And a long list of different applications.

Early bird price 270€ if you deposit the reservation before the 3rd of November.
For reservation please deposit 100€ via BIZUM to Rudolf Wienand on the phone number +34
640189933, or to the BBVA bank account IBAN Nr. ES41 0182 5332 1302 0298 6493
Please put your full name and Tuningforkananda as reference. You can also place the deposit in cash
with Sofie Gibson at Ananda Mandira https://www.anandamandira.es/contact/

For information contact directly with me:
Ruly Wienand
Instagram: @yasinruly https://www.instagram.com/yasinruly/
+34 640189933

Ruly Wienand is an Austrian musician, musical instrument builder and sound therapist with twenty
plus years of experience in the field of sound healing.
His therapeutic work focuses mainly on treatment, investigation and training with a wide range of
knowledge obtained through projects in Austria, Germany, Mexico and Spain.
He currently chairs the Sound Competence Center Spain, a global Network of centres for sound
healing training and construction of musical Instruments for therapeutic proposes.



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